Health Coaching

health coaching

As a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, I provide a wide range of services to help individuals, families and organizations achieve their wellness goals. My services include a variety of customizable group workshops, individual consultations, wellness luncheons, and lectures that are appropriate for businesses, community groups, teachers, churches, individuals and more!

Specializing in Health Coaching for:

Adults & Seniors

  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy levels and reduce stress
  • Sleep better and think sharper
  • Reduce pain and inflammation and increase vitality
  • Discover a personalized weight control plan that actually works!
  • Become fit, strong and flexible
  • Enjoy lower medical expenses

Science-Based Solutions

science-based solutions

You will receive credible, fact-based information, skills, and materials based on proven science.

Health Coaching Services


Individual Consultations

Obtaining self-actualization is the ultimate goal. During our discussion we will establish ways to help you achieve your health goals. We will explore your current lifestyle, identify your needs, and develop a plan tailored to you.

Customized single sessions include virtual pantry makeover
$200 per session

Package 1
Includes 12 week sessions for $995 (save $205!)

Package 2
Includes 24 week sessions for $1750 (save $240!)


Group Coaching

My methodology is to always keep you guessing. I utilize humor, interactive educational material of various learning styles. My presentations are great for community events, health fairs, conferences, and the list goes on.

Group Session prices vary according to size of group. Call for further details.

Customized group sessions: starting at $795 for 12 week sessions


Online Classes

Increase your understanding of health by educating yourself through an online learning platform. You are the driver towards improving your overall health, and at your own pace.

Self-paced online learning sessions
10 sessions


Workplace Wellness

I welcome the opportunity to host your wellness program. The optimization of better health choices benefits all individual’s. Overall, businesses want to increase their productivity.


Smart Shopping

Learn the strategies that will enable you to shop with ease. Discover the methods that will help you categorize the aisles in your local grocery store. Furthermore, find out where the healthier foods are hiding.


Pantry Makeovers

Let’s make organizing, and cleaning your pantry fun. During our consultation you will be able to categorize your healthy food choices. It take time to initiate change, so don’t allow your discovery to intimidate you. You can always make modifications along the way. 50% off!